About Us

About Us

B-SAT's corporate mission is to provide a stable broadcasting satellite service (BSS) to all viewers. By using five broadcasting satellites in the same orbit at 110 degrees east longitude, we are fulfilling our role and responsibilities as a BSS supplier for major broadcasting stations.

Satellite Control Center

The satellite control center has two stations, the Kawaguchi main station and Kimitsu backup station, to control the broadcasting satellites. It is responsible for sending command signals and receiving telemetry to and from the satellites and monitoring them 24/7, all year round, to ensure delivery of stable BSS connections to each household.


B-SAT constantly monitors the radio waves from the broadcasting satellites, which cover the Japanese islands, using receivers at nine peripheral locations in Japan to check and verify characteristics such as transmitting power and antenna directivity of our satellites on orbit, as well as to check for interference waves from foreign satellites. In this way, B-SAT sets up an integrated surveillance system by gathering data in Tokyo.

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