Company name Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation (B-SAT)
Established April 13, 1993
Headquarters Parkside-Yamamotokan, 1-16-4, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063, Japan
Phone +81-3-5453-6521
Capitalization ¥15 billion/300,000 shares(¥16 billion authorized capital)
Japan Broadcasting Corp.(NHK) 49.9%
WOWOW Inc. 19.6%
Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. 5.6%
TV Asahi Holdings Corporation 5.6%
BS Nippon Corp. 5.2%
BS Fuji, Inc. 5.2%
B.S. Japan Corp. 5.2%
(as of 2015/6/25)  
President&CEO Takashi Yabashi
Managing Director Mitsutoshi Sato
Managing Director Toshihiko Nojiri
Managing Director Satoru Noguchi
Managing Director (absentee) Ryoji Takeda
Managing Director (absentee) Hiroshi Kondo
Managing Director (absentee) Atsushi Haruguchi
Managing Director (absentee) Hajime Hashimoto
Managing Director (absentee) Nobutsune Sakata
Managing Director (absentee) Mikio Kuchida
Managing Director (absentee) Hirotoshi Otani
Managing Director (absentee) Takashi Funaki
Managing Director (absentee) Hideaki Sakai
Auditor Kazuhiro Aihara
Auditor (absentee) Yukihiko Munetomo
Auditor (absentee) Kazuhito Sato
(as of 2015/6/25)  
Employees 74 (as of 2015/3/31)
Objectives 1. Broadcast satellite procurement.
2. Control and management of broadcast satellites.
3. Supply for basic broadcasting stations.
4. All operations and business related to the above broadcast satellite services.
Specific operations BS broadcasting services, uplinks, and generation of electronic program guides(EPG) for all broadcasters, using three broadcasting satellites: BSAT-3a, BSAT-3b and BSAT-3c.
Business Performance (Millions of yen)
  20th period(2012) 21th period(2013) 22th period(2014)
Operating revenues 13.002 13.010 13.012
Recurring profits 3.016 3.116 3.210
Current net income 1.863 1.876 2.040

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